Only 100 places of this strictly limited service are available...

...and start making money”

Right now, you are falling into the same trap as anyone who has EVER placed a bet online...

Do nothing and you will continue to LEAK CASH forever...

But follow the URGENT STEPS I have laid out in this report and you could add R400 - R560+ a week to your sports betting bank


Dear Sports Bettor,
I don't want to be harsh...
But someone HAS to tell you.
Every time you place a bet, you are making a fundamental mistake.
In fact, from the extensive research I've done into online betting habits... during YOUR last five bets, you will have made one of the following mistakes:

  • You bet without being fully informed;
  • You bet based on emotion;
  • You bet without using a staking plan;
  • You bet without getting the best value;
  • You bet by following the crowd;
  • You bet on a hunch;
  • You bet to cover a losing bet;
  • You bet because you needed the money.

If you are nodding your head, thinking you have actually been guilty of more than one in the past...
Do NOT feel ashamed.
The depressing truth is: you are not alone.
It is these very mistakes that enable online bookmakers to fleece punters like you and me on an hourly basis.
No. You should not be ashamed..
Unless you choose to do nothing about it today.
Right now, unless you want to carry on POURING YOUR HARD-EARNED CASH DOWN THE DRAIN...
It is ESSENTIAL that you act quickly to join The Winning Streak today.
Make sure you NEVER lose another bet because of stupid mistakes that everyone else makes...
And discover how you could add an extra R400 - R560 tax-free to your current WEEKLY income...
And because I don't want you to miss out, I can't stress enough:
There are ONLY 100 places available.
You must act quickly.
For that reason, I won't mess around here. Instead, I'll get right to what's involved...
And if you want to stop leaking cash and start making a lot more money from sports betting, then you'll be sensible and join The Winning Streak today.
If you don't want to, fair enough. It's your loss. But please don't blame me if you miss out because all the spaces have gone.
You see, The Winning Streak by your side you will also get...

  • An electronic Winning Streak Rule Book explaining how everything works: We’ll show you how the odds system works, so you never miss a single bet! It’s filled with information that’ll help you start betting on a winning note! Once you make your first string of profits, you’ll be hooked.
  • You’ll also receive a free electronic report, The Bookmakers Insider, which will give you all the information to start betting straight away – see the special offers we’ve negotiated for you and sign up with the recommended bookmakers!
  • Educational tips and our thoughts: In addition to email tips, we’ll send you weekly emails updating you on recent results and occasionally include additional educational tips to give you a better understanding on special aspects of sports betting. Read our members’ only weekly email and you’ll know what to expect when your phone “beeps”!
  • You will also receive winning tips from a whole range of sports through out the year: We scourer the markets looking for only the best tips to give to our subscribers, just look at how we turn R1,000 into R5,160 for less than 10 minutes of work.
Case Study 1 – “The Sports' Desk turns R1,000 into R5,160 for less than 10 minutes’ ‘work’"
On the 2nd of April, we sent out an email and SMS saying, “Single Bet: Murray to win his next Tennis matches.” Bet 2 points.
This bet turned R1,000 into R1,600.
Later that day, we sent an email and SMS saying, “we will be backing Hingis/Mirza to win doubles in the Tennis match” Bet 2 points on Hingis/Mirza to win.
This bet turned R1,000 into R1,550.
The following week, we sent yet another email and SMS, saying, “Bet 3 points on Errani and Keys to win their next tennis matches.” Bet 3 points on Errani and Keys to win.
This one turned R1,500 into another R2,085.
The next day, we sent an email and SMS, saying, “Lions to win their next Rugby match” Bet 2 points.
This bet turned R1,000 into R2,260.
The very next week, we sent an email and SMS saying, "Bet 2 points on Krajinovic and Delbonis to win their next Tennis matches." And they did.
This bet turned R1,000 into R1,690.
Later that day  we sent an email and SMS saying, "Bulls to win their next Rugby match." Bet 2 points 
This bet turned R1,000 into R2,000.
On the 22nd we sent an email and SMS saying, "Ghem and Rola to win their next Tennis match" Bet 2 points
This bet turned R1,000 into R1,530.
But let's take the exact same scenario above, and consider this:
You start off with R1,000 in your account and roll your initial R1,000 stake so that you bet the 'same' R1,000 on each new bet...
Had you done that (time permitting), you would only have physically put down R1,000.
The result: You would have turned R1,000 into R5,160 – an amazing 516% return.

The fact is:
With this in your possession I have no doubt that you will be able to stop leaking cash...
And you WILL be able to secure yourself a steady, long-term, second income.
“Secure YOUR place to this strictly limited service today and put my advice to the test risk-free for 30 days to see how much you bank”
You might think I’m bending the truth.

Maybe I’m ‘holding something back’.

But I’m really not.
That is a 100% genuine risk-free guarantee...
Within 30 days of receiving your first tip, you can contact me and get every penny of your money back...
No questions asked.
And that’s my guarantee...

Now, I know exactly what you’re thinking...
“I’ll have all your tips... I’ll learn all the insider info... and I’ll know all your picks!”
“I can just claim a refund within 30 days and keep all your reports...”
That’s true.
“This is a no-lose deal for me!”
Right you are.
And look, there is also the fact that I think we should be building a relationship of trust here.
So, if you trust me to provide you with valuable insight into how you can stop leaking cash and start making money from sports betting...
I should be able to trust you not to abuse my honesty by using my advice to profit and then refunding anyway.
That is why I’m more than happy to offer you this 30 day totally risk-free guarantee.
“How you could secure a consistent second income from sports betting... and safeguard it against the online bookmakers that want you to keep leaking cash”
I want you to stop losing money by making the sports betting mistakes that everyone else makes without even realising it...
And I want you to start using my advice to generate a second income from sports betting of around R400 - R560 + a week.
And like I told you...
Sign up to my service, and see for yourself the wealth of betting tips, insider insight, and risk management info...
You can read through all of my reports and put it into action
And if you don’t think The Winning Streak can help you STOP LEAKING CASH and START MAKING MONEY... you can cancel for a full and complete refund.
So, how much will a subscription cost you?
I think R370.00 is a fair price.
That's right: just R370.00.
***Right now we are giving you a 27% discount off the original price - that means if you get on board today you will pay just R270.*** 
You get a wealth of sports betting knowledge at your fingertips...
You get years of experience from betting experts across most sports...
And you get 2 tips a week - that’s 8 tips a month!
Look, I don't mind if you think making money from sports betting isn't for you. In fact, I'm sorry that I've wasted your time here...
But if you think R370 is too much for this report then I MUST disagree with you. When you see everything I've put together for you inside, I think you'll consider R370 a miniscule price to pay.
That said, if you secure one of the 100 places available today and you decide it's not worth R370, then I will happily give you a full and complete refund.
***Right now we are giving you a 27% discount off the original price - that means if you get on board today you will pay just R270.***
And with it, you'll receive my sincerest apologies.
Hopefully, you understand this is a very genuine offer to help you to stop leaking cash and start making money from sports betting.
And right now, I hope you want to quickly jump to the next page to see if there is still a place left to secure...

Find out if there is still a place available here.

But in case you still have some questions, let me very quickly run over some of the main issues:

Q: I don’t know anything about sports betting... do I need to?

You really don’t need to know ANYTHING about sports or betting!
Of course, if you know loads about both, it won’t hurt. You’ll take to it like a duck to water.
But if you know nothing about either... don’t worry. It doesn’t matter.
The reports you will receive are designed so that complete and utter novices can follow simple steps in order to place a bet.
You can either learn for yourself, or just follow instructions. It couldn’t be any easier, EVEN if you have no experience.

Q: How much do I need to put in upfront to start making money using this report?

The size of your betting bank is completely up to you – you can stake as much as you like.
Of course, the bigger your bank, the bigger each staking point can be... and the bigger the profits.
But you don’t need a huge cash reserve to start profiting. You can bet with small stakes and watch them grow... until you’re comfortable enough to invest more.

Q: I’m not used to betting... are you sure it’s not too risky?

Sure, betting can be risky... if you don't know what you're doing. But that's exactly what I intend to help you with by being by your side every weekend.
But rest assured – The Winning Streak will never put you in a position where you’re scared about the risk. You can bet with tiny stakes at first, to see the potential profit with your own eyes.
 “Don’t miss out on a steady, tax-free second income. Make sure YOU snap up one of these 100 limited places, and discover how to beat the bookmakers”
Now, I wish I could offer this to everyone...
But there’s just no getting away from it...
I simply can’t afford to give this away to too many people for such little cash.
Now, I might open this again in the future – one day. But you can rest assured that it will cost double the current discounted price – or more.
So, it’s first-come, first-served.
If you want to learn how regular people like you and me can consistently turn a profit in the face of bookmakers constantly trying to stiff them...
If you want to know the secret to GREAT sports betting practices...
And if you want a way of generating a completely tax-free, consistent second income...
Then make sure you DON’T MISS OUT.
Secure a place to this ESSENTIAL service to safeguard a tax-free cash flow for you and your family.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete and utter sports betting novice...
OR if you’re a bona fide expert in the field, looking for another cash income.
The Winning Streak will help you to STOP LEAKING CASH and START MAKING MONEY from sports betting... so that you’ll have a little extra in your wallet to do whatever you want with.
With all the sports betting tips, insider insight and risk management info that you will be privy too, you can make tax-free profits TODAY.
There is advice on how to set up your betting account and how to place a bet.
You can bet like the professionals do... and make sure you’re not making the common mistakes that punters everywhere make.
And as if that wasn’t enough...
You have an iron-clad 30 day guarantee.
That’s a FULL refund – NO questions asked – if you contact me within 30 days.
But I don’t think you’ll want to.
As I said before, I think you’ll want to keep it to hand so that you can use it over and over again to stop leaking anymore cash and start banking a long-term, tax-free income.
So, what have you got to lose?
Secure yourself the best chance you’ll ever have of taking cash off the bookmakers...
And start taking action to develop your own long-term, consistent second income.
Yours sincerely,
Christopher Ammon
The Winning Streak Team


Find out if there is still a place available here.

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